Payam Shoghi

Cambridge, Massachusetts, US

Payam's Skills
Product Management

About Payam

I am a seasoned engineer who quit my job at a big corporation last October and started my own startup and got two other world class developer to join me to build up the vision. In less than 6 months we did build two products based on each other and we are now in the stage of marketing and seeding the app. There are already a couple of customers who want to use our product and we want to expand our customer base and scale. As such, I need someone to join our team who knows how to do marketing and how to develop our business. All of the members of the team have equity and that is all we can offer based on the results. Of course, upon funding you will be compensated. The company has one of the leading attorneys behind it, so everything can be documented properly.
The website is at and you can see the bio of the founders under "Team" . The other product is at and both of these products are in the same theme and are based on each other, but for different operations.
It would be very beneficial if you have experience in retail marketing and consumer product businesses. We stick to the principles of lean startup and we try to maintain this kind of approach.