Peder Enhorning

Toronto, Canada

Peder's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Peder

We are looking for an exceptional LEAD DEVELOPER to help improve and simplify our current system. This person will have responsibility for all changes and improvements of our product. They will evaluate the current system and will work with the founders and make recommendations for enhancements.

KPI Karta ( was started in May 2014 and we launched the service in August 2015. We have created an exciting product which contains approximately 75,000 lines of code built on a LAMP stack. While the product has been released, further development is needed.

The right candidate will evaluate and redesign the UX and help streamline the use of the tool to make it simpler to use. Connecting to external data sets and importing them into the system will be important and needs to be made easier.
This is an entrepreneurial position working with new product development with substantial rewards if we are successful.

Ideally, the person will be local to Toronto.
This position will pay in equity and perhaps an hourly rate. Don't apply if you are not prepared for that.


McMaster University


1981 - 1981