Lowell, Massachusetts, US

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Product Management

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Founded 1 startup

About pedro

I'm extremely fascinated with the visual aspect of products as a front-end developer i enjoy creating sick designs that capture the eye of consumers/users and make then fall in love with it.

we are building an eCommerce platform that will allow users to be able to take part
of brand ownership is similar like but with a different approach.
we are simply letting the average Joe feel like an artist by building personal connections towards the product they collaborated.

Team: 2 people, front & back-end developer.

Market: E-Commerce, Consumer Goods, Fashion, Crowdsourcing
"there's no need to talk about market size in here, e-commerce for consumer good is the 2nd faster growing market after tech and still is as for 2012."

what i'm looking for-----------------------------------------------------------------------------
I'm looking for someone that can bring marketing/Sale and Biz development skills. someone who understand how branding works and simple know what customer acquisition is all about.

This person should also have an outgoing personality, someone who love to talk about ideas rather than what celebrities are doing. Coding skills aren't necessary needed but must at least know the process of coding.