Pej Azarm

San Francisco, California, US

VP at Fluxx
Pej's Skills
Business Development

About Pej

At Oracle, I helped developed a new Embedded Software license agreement and negotiated the first deal under this partnership model. At Instant Effects, I helped negotiate the company's biggest partnership deal with HP. At StemTech, I developed the GoToMarket business model and lead the fundraising efforts that allowed us to present our idea to several venture capitalists. The project was ready to accept funding when we encountered last minute technical issue in our lab testing, had to suspend the commercialization efforts, and were not able to continue to the project due to a lack of funding. At Gartner, I was recruited to the NYC office and helped grow the office from eight to 65 full-time associates in five year, helping to build various client relationships and grow our largest account nationwide throughout that period. I have been back in SF with Gartner for 2 years and have help grow our California office into the second largest market, only behind NYC.

Work Experience

VP of Client Services


September 2014 - December 2016