Pete Alvin

Charlotte, North Carolina, US

Cofounder & CTO of SkillsPlanet, Full-Stack Developer, Ex-University of California
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About Pete

Two of us have started SkillsPlanet. We need a developer/CEO for Y Combinator.

We're hoping to disrupt and level the playing field for candidates in the $4bn (14% annual growth) Online Recruitment market.

Are you a software developer with CEO aspirations? Someone who can code web, mobile, and database in their sleep and doesn't tire discussing viral marketing, lean startups, and seed financing?

We're aiming to launch our first iPhone and Android app January 1 and after market fit we're eyeing the Y Combinator or Launch Incubator near the winter 2019 funding cycle, so having the flexibility of moving to the Bay Area for three months in the future is highly desirable.