Pete Oliver-Krueger

Silver Spring, Maryland, US

Pete's Skills
Product Management

About Pete

My core mission is "rewarding good". I love seeing people with passion, and helping them get rewarded for following it. My passion is designing new and inventive software, and using my combined backgrounds of Software Engineering and Psychology to make technology that integrates with life, vs. taking over life.

I've been designing software for government, commerical, and non-profit companies, for almost 20 years now, and about 5 years ago started taking those designs I kept building over and over again and turning them into reusable software libraries. One of my dreams is an exchange where startups (or anyone) can stop by, pick up customizable software they need for their business, make improvements, add features, and give those back to the community for the next generation of entrepreneurs. If you can't afford custom development, you can piece together what you need for free. When you can afford it, you support those who made your success possible. Reward the efforts of those who came before you, and be rewarded by those who come after you. Those are two of the meanings of "rewarding good," the core of my company,

At this stage I'm trying to find new ways to reward open-source development and entrepreneurs, the risk-takers. I want to build great software for other startups and grow the library of available components. I'm trying to evolve from only helping one client at a time, to helping 10s, then hundreds, and beyond.


Carnegie Mellon University

BS, Electrical & Computer Engineering

1995 - 1995