Pete Servine

Portland, Oregon, US

Pete's Skills
Product Management

About Pete

I am a designer with a very diverse background. Over the last 14 years I've had the oportunity to work with hundreds of tlaented people in many different fields. I've had experience in graphic design, film and television production, project management, directing and producing, camera work, fine art and commercial photography, interior design including furniture and lighting fabrication.

My creative partner and I are looking to start a design firm specializing in creating stylish and unique solutions for small businesses, retail and restaurants. We are very strong in the design and aesthetic department and we have a great short list of artists to draw from.

What we really need is someone to can SELL. Someone equally as driven and excited as we are, but with a different skill set. Someone who can strategically find and obtain new clients. Someone with connections to the restaurateur or commercial world would be ideal.