Peter Gao

San Francisco, California, US

Front End Software Engineer at Quantcast
Peter's Skills

About Peter

I am a technical minded designer, known to hack away into the wee hours of the night on Python web apps. Or squashing bugs and extending Ruby on Rails. Or meditating on Node.js and JavaScript. I love building out interfaces that delight users (low latency & high responsiveness).

My technical background is in web development working with Ruby on Rails, Python (web2py, Django, and Flask) and PHP (Drupal/WP). I'm highly proficient at JavaScript and AngularJS and currently looking to expand my Node.js skillsets.

Design background stems from my UI design and Usability Testing experiences. I also love data viz projects when I get the chance to work on them.

Work Experience

Front End Software Engineer


June 2013 - December 2016