Peter Just

Los Angeles, California, US

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Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Peter

I am a serial entrepreneur accomplished in building startups from initial idea phase to achieving Product/Market fit, to fund-raising, scaling, and exit.

With a background in Finance and Strategic Consulting, I have Co-founded 3 startups over the past decade and been involved in another 2 startups in an advisory capacity. Out of the 3 startups co-founded, 2 scaled and one culminated in an exit. I raised venture capital for that business as well.

The goal is for the next venture to be 100x of the last one.

I am currently working on my passion; creating an army of change-makers by helping youth become high-performance entrepreneurs.

JustGeneration is a platform that turns youth into high-performance entrepreneurs and startup teams. JG is a talent development platform and startup incubator.

JustGeneration works with youth who are committed to becoming high-performance people. The youth enter an intensive military-style boot camp to test their mettle and give them a sample of what is ahead in life and business. The youth who are approved enter an intensive training and mentorship program consisting of two parts. The first part is personal development – helping them discover who they are and what their passion is, and helping them master their thoughts, emotions and actions. The second part is business skills development – a rotational training program where they conduct real work in leadership, sales, management, finance, fund-raising, operations, strategy and other key business areas to learn hard skills as well as soft skills including communication skills, emotional intelligence, mental and emotional toughness, and tenacity. The mentees discover their passion, decide on their co-founding teams for their startup and then ideate, prototype, achieve product-market fit, and when they launch, JustGeneration will incubate their startup by offering an initial investment, office space, and continued mentor support.

Our vision is, by January 1, 2020, JustGeneration will have trained and incubated over 500,000 people, who have created 40,000 companies that are profitable and sustainable. The companies that meet a certain profit threshold will give 40% of their profits, totaling $10 billion per year, to non-profits to help solve the world’s biggest problems.

We have received an outpouring of support from the corporate community, the education and training community, as well as numerous others, and are currently putting building our advisory board, creating strategic partnerships, and building our core team.

If this sounds interesting, feel free to reach out.


Ryerson University

Business Management - Finance Major

2004 - 2004