Peter Matta

Toronto, Canada

Peter's Skills
Product Management

About Peter

Dear Sir/Madam,

We don't know each other. Allow me to introduce us.

My name is Peter. I'm usually modest - I loathe arrogance - but allow me to showcase my strengths just today. I have a very high IQ, I understand things, they way they work, merely by observing and contemplating.

Input = observation
Processing = contemplation
Output = ... INNOVATION

Over the years I must have had hundreds of ideas for making things better. But none of them excited me like this one.
I know it's possible, I know it will be successful, and I know if done right, it can compete with biggest names in technology and software like Microsoft, Apple, and Google.

I'm a dreamer, yes, but I'm also grounded. My idea is only an idea right now, and chances are that's all it'll ever be, an idea. I need YOUR help. WE need to work together if this could ever work.

What am I missing?
1) Software programmers. The most elite out there. The more I think about what this idea is at its most fundamental level, the more I realize that it is essentially an Operating System. But this OS would be so revolutionary, that new hardware would have to be created to suit it. Devices we see today are so rooted in conventionalism, they actually inhibit advancement.
2) Hardware engineers. We'll make and market our own devices, not because we want to, but because we have to. The new OS can run on current hardware, yes, but the new devices are what will sell, the new devices are what reveal the genius behind the OS; in fact the purpose of the OS is to make it possible for these new devices to exist.
3) More programmers. The OS is never completed. It only improves, grows, becoming more and more capable, more and more versatile, with no end in sight, ever. This isn't just software evolution or corporate savvy, it's also a promise. A promise to our consumer that their one-time purchase is a lifetime membership.

A prototype will be easy to make once the SOFTWARE has at least just begun to be written. Because the OS is never COMPLETED, we can develop and sell devices as soon as we have a workable version of the OS.

I have no background in programming. I can't even estimate how long it would take to create this. Or if it would be easier/smarter to use an existing OS and simply write a program. I don't know. I need you.

I do know that programming is pure logic. I love logic. Logic is ... unquestionable, unwavering. If x and y or c, then z or d. It's equations in writing. It's code.
I'll learn coding with you quickly, and help.

Finances aren't a huge issue as I have a successful business which can bankroll most of this.
In any case, hope to hear from you, partners.