Peter McCann, Esq.

West Chester, Pennsylvania, US

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Hello out there!

I am Pete. I am an Attorney of 10 years and a Professor. I teach Business Law and Legal Technology courses. A few years ago I started a part-time legal technology consulting company called e3. Within the last year, I had grown the business to the point where I could quit the law firm. Now, I want to take e3 from a small consulting company, to a massive internet service.

$300 billion is spent on legal services each year. In turn, billions of dollars of VC money has been spent creating awesome products and services to help make legal services more efficient (think Clio), more accessible (think Legal Zoom) or more accurate (think Kroll Ontrack). But lawyers are famously not adopting these technologies to the tune of billions of dollars in lost sales for the Legal Technology solution providers. Lawyers also have much to gain themselves. These are giant industries dying to work together. As a lawyer who was in this space and teaches Law, IT & MBA students, I have a strong, unique grasp of what is keeping this dam from breaking. I spend my days as a consultant bridging this information gap on a one-on-one level, but I am looking to find people who want to bring the product I have been developing to fruition.

I have been developing the plans for this next phase of e3 for a while. I have detailed and elaborate plans (both business and creative) regarding what needs to be done next. What I need is a team to help get this up and running.

I know that you may have concerns about joining an existing business vs a true start-up, especially one where many of the key creative designs are in place. However I am wide open to discussing sharing ownership/equity. I am more concerned with finding people with the right attitude, skills, dedication to make this work. Also, while I have a roadmap, that is all it is-- a roadmap. There will be major creative and business related decisions to be made. I am more than willing to share control if there is a compelling argument to be made.

The major skills that I am looking for are:
-Web Design/Engineering
-Data/Information Design

But I am also looking for confident, intelligent people who can also understand the grand scheme. I am looking for people who actually accomplish things. On top of being a lawyer, business owner and professor, I also run marathons. I get shit done.

This idea is a winner. We will be the grease that gets legal tech into legal practice. While I am reasonable and fair, I am impatient with bull-shit. If you are whiner, a wimp, a mope or are lazy don't bother reaching out. But If you want fix a billion dollar problem, and do it now, contact me and we can discuss next steps.

This is big.


Juris Doctorate