Peter Siekierski

Anchorage, Alaska, US

Peter's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Peter

I can get into finer details at a later time, but let me start with a brief introduction. I have been working in web development for a about 7 years now and computers since 1999 have had various high and and many moderate clients. From Police departments, to retail, non-profits, some ranging from a couple hundred up to 10,000+. I am proficient in many more then just 1 field.

I currently work in Alaska, for a web development company, however I am originally from Redwood City, CA. My biggest challenge is sales, Once I get a client it is easy to keep them happy, as I provide a great service. My father has owned his own business for 32 years now, and I have learned a lot from him. His success is what pushes me to strive for success. and my dedicated is not comparable to most.

I'm not necessary looking for MONEY in a partner, but someone to work with me in the start and kick things off.

I have pricing, hosting, maintenance development, accounting, etc all in mind.

Just need a partner, business name and get things rolling.