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"i would firstly like to again express our sincerest sympathies to the all friends undergoing the same problem

As i explained to the conference earlier this week, as soon as we heard the news we approached the police and have been speaking to them throughout this week. We are committed to supporting the police in their investigation to ensure that they are able to uncover the true circumstances surrounding
"We ask the press and public to respect that for legal and privacy reasons neither we – nor the police – are able to discuss the circumstances surrounding Hannah’s case any further. We will therefore not be giving any interviews on this subject.

"However, in view of the unprecedented press interest in the role of social media platforms such as, Facebook, Twitter and others, we would like to reassure all users and parents of users that we are committed to ensuring that our site is a safe environment. We do not condone bullying of any kind, or any form of unacceptable use of our site.

"We have implemented various measures over the past months to continue to improve our users’ safety, and we have implemented improved reporting policies. We have been working with experts at the Uganda Safer Internet Centre, and thus the wider InSafe organisation, and are in constant discussions with them regarding our privacy and safety policies and the ways in which we may be able to enhance them. This is an on-going activity, which is wholly committed to.

The site has an ‘in-question’ reporting function, which has been in place since 2012, and is similar to the in-Tweet function announced by Twitter this week. This feature enables our users to report with just one click any question that they may find objectionable or offensive.

2) It is integral to the site that users should have control over what appears on their feed. We have never allowed questions to be published on the site before they’ve been answered. Thus – if a user receives a question that they find objectionable or offensive, they don’t need to respond and we encourage them to report the question to us.

3) We believe one of our site’s advantages is that everything is open – rather than hidden in private in boxes. This means that anyone can report anything they see that may be of concern. If parents see something on their teenager’s page that they are concerned about, they too can click the in-question reporting button and alert our moderators.

4) Anonymity can be switched off in a user’s privacy settings – our users have always been able to elect not to receive anonymous questions, and equally our users can also elect never to ask an anonymous question.

5) Although it is possible to post anonymously to the site, we would like to reassure parents that in almost all cases it is possible for to identify users – through IP technology, everything on the internet is traceable – and in extreme circumstances such as those we’ve experienced this week we work through existing legal frameworks to ensure this information is accessible to the appropriate legal authorities.