Peterkin Kin-Adano

Accra, Ghana

CEO of +VoicesThatCare
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Who we are: Plus VoicesThatCare (+VoicesThatCare)

is a Civil Society Organization and stands to effect our services to society through advo cacy, providing employable skills, socioeconomic youth and women empowerment, promotion of sporting activities and others that shall benefit society in development.
In the stand point of +VoicesThatCare as a CSO, we emphasize that the economic trend in the country through critical studies, development of the people has been deeply and negatively affected and it is our goal that In situations where in other countries, youth ages are discriminatory categorise within the ages of (18-30) and their extension in the category of (31-45), whereas that of Ghana unfortunately is questionable.. Rather, we are bent on change that those within the older categories as in the ages of (46-60) who are supposed to be men enough but unfortunately aren’t, we see it that one must be wrong in service delivery when these factors are ignored.
In the light of these findings however, +VoicesThatCare realizing that instead of the situation where policy makers and some CSOs discriminate and run from the fact when it comes to the need to assist those helpless but equally strong men and women within the ages of (45-60) than only go for them later when it comes to looking for their labour, we have decided to group them all under the youth and women category/scheme so as to actualise our advocacy programs and enable us deliver effective services to the people in totality because they really need it.

MOTTO: Out of little, we give out sacrificially because we know the suicidal effect in hopelessness

VISION of VoicesThatCare stands for youth and women economic empowerment through civic engagement and skills development to arrive at a community/nation with culture of discipline, responsible society that is honoured with requisite socioeconomic needs, who contribute their civic obligations required of them that the government becomes fully accountable to her citizens in equity.
This is rewarded to active citizenship in the development of a modern, democratic and inclusive society who equally is a contributor to the economy and making sure by the requirements of the national constitution, government honours her part to the society in equity.

MISSION of VoicesThatCare is poised to create and achieve our goals among others through job creation and socioeconomic empowerment to all especially women and the youth. We sought to archive all these by assisting and providing society with the necessary facilities, education, employable skills ranging from vocational to managerial levels encompassing civic engagement thereby certifying the middle and higher manpower development, financial assistance where necessary, other health needs through our centre for the Aged physiotherapy attachment, organise fundraising sporting tournaments, help sanitise and improve our localities, advocating for clear government policies , and others.
That we hope to render our support through benevolent assistance and other social intervention activities for a sound and healthy nation building.


Out of little, we give out sacrificially because we know the suicidal effect in hopelessness - Peterkin KinAdano

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Plus VoicesThatCare (+VoicesThatCate)

January 2017 - January 2020

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