Santa Cruz, California, US

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Product Management

About phaselock

I'm a hardware/software engineer who does everything from circuit board design & assembly-level programming to web dev and database management. I'm fresh out of grad school from a top-10 ECE program and currently working full time as a hardware engineer. I'm interested in working on side projects that are in the early planning/prototype stages.

I have some product ideas in the embedded/consumer electronics space. Ideally I'd find someone to help conceptualize a product and begin planning for a Kickstarter or similarly bootstrapped launch. I can handle most technical aspects, although for some of my ideas a dedicated software person might be necessary. I'd be looking for a cofounder who's skilled at business development, marketing, and/or design.

I'm an alum of a startup-oriented technical fellowship program and did several internships at startups, helped host multiple hackathons, and am generally easy to work with. Most important thing for me is finding a good relationship at this point.

I'm also open to other ideas.