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I'm a Math/CS major from MIT who spent 5 years at Goldman Sachs as a trader in high frequency / algorithmic trading. I am very familiar with finance, but at the same time I was also writing code for the strategies I created so I never really stopped doing CS projects.

I quit my job, along with a friend, to start a company that was accepted into Y Combinator. After a substantial amount of time in California, I returned to NYC after my co-founder and I decided to go our separate ways.

I am familiar with the whole stack, a lot of the stuff I have done, I've developed the front end / HTML / CSS / Javascript, back end and database work myself.

I'm based in NYC and looking for a co-founder on various ideas I am working on right now. I need someone to help me code, in addition to all the other hats that startup founders have to wear. But you must code, or be willing to learn how (I am more than willing to work with a potential non technical founder to teach him/her). There is simply too much work to be done for just one technical person, so I'm not interested, at this stage, in partnering with a business-only person.