Novato, California, US

Phil's Skills
Business Development
Product Management
User Experience

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Phil

Looking for a partner to develop ideas to change the world
Multiple options on the table - must be a professional
I bring quality and execution of the highest order and am extremely irreverent - let's have some fun!!!

I have worked in technology for almost 20 years managing projects, training, ensuring the highest quality deliverables. I have worked in software, networks, mobile, consumer electronics, and B2B. Not much surprises me anymore. I know now to build success and create great teams.

Looking to build success with those not afraid of adventure. Need to raise the bar of accepted product quality and return to the days of definite innovation and contribution.

I can conceptualize, document, and create systems. I put people in position to succeed and am a can't-stop-it-solution-oriented-problem-solver...there are always options, I don't get stuck. I ensure we always forecast, measure, and adapt based on real-world feedback. Success is the only option.

If you have the appetite to leave a real mark, a hunger to fulfill your potential, a craving to change the world for the better, let's talk.