Phil's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Phil

Former Groupon sales manager and former co-founder of social crowdfunding website Grouplaunch (based out of Singapore)!
I have created an iOS app that is already in its prototype phase. I am looking for a rockstar developer to help fine-tune this app and make it look beautiful!

Why should we team up?

1/ Equity in return for $0 financial investment (we've done that for you!)
2/ We already have a prototype up and running so all we need to do is make the app more beautiful
3/ Work with 2 pretty laid back dudes (students) who are looking to have fun throughout the whole process (i.e. Silicon Valley..if you've watched the show on TV)

For a quick look at our app: visit


McGill University

BA Philosophy & Political Science

2011 - 2011