Phil Mitchell

Seattle, Washington, US

Founder at Larkwire
Phil's Skills
Product Management

About Phil

I build apps that teach things.

Most educational apps are "toys" in the sense that they aim to be "fun" supplements to a larger learning process. My apps solve learning problems. They transform difficult learning challenges into solved problems, without punting on the hard parts.

I am an inventor/builder with a demonstrated ability to create this kind of app. My first app (Larkwire) teaches a very difficult skill (birding by ear). It is recognized as in a class by itself for effectiveness and quality. My second app (SuperCoco) teaches a very complex skill (speaking Spanish). Although just launched and incomplete, it is beginning to be recognized as establishing a new class of language learning app.

We've barely begun to tap the potential of technology to make us better learners. I'm looking for a business partner with marketing and company building expertise who can help me manifest this vision.

I am a generalist with deep experience in learning, cognitive psychology (PhD), and the design of tech for learning. I also have decent tech skills.

Work Experience

Senior Product Planner


August 2013 - December 2016