Charles Andersen , Intern

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US

Charles is looking for an internship

About Charles

Can commit to working

99 hours per week

Dates available

From 09/02/2015 to 01/01/2020


Ideally, would prefer to get paid $0 /hour

Recent accomplishments

- Grew up on a farm and got a number of renewable resource grants while there.
- Joined an LED lighting company shortly after college and helped grow the business from $28M in revenue where it had sat for several years to $33M. In my final year, in the midst of which I left the company to go to business school, they hit over $45M in revenue.
- Graduated with my MBA from Harvard Business School at 25
- Have built every piece of furniture that I own


About Charles

I would like to find someone with a great early stage idea that could use help with commercialization, raising money, and building out a sales/marketing team. I'd love to find someone with an idea that touches on my interests in automation, data/analytics, and nitty-gritty industries (i.e. Agriculture).


Harvard Business School


2014 - 2014