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London, United Kingdom

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I have a project that has been in development for the last 2 years called Ginger. It is a social networking tool for entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, self employed and gig economy folks who need to build their own support networks for either collaboration or to find the next job.

I live and work in Shoreditch, East London and started my first company here 16 years ago ( and Today we have a team of more than 100 and are lucky to have some amazing clients and partners in what is a profitable and reasonably successful company.

However, back then it was hard then to find support to make my business happen - entrepreneurship was still seen as a slightly wacky thing for university dropouts and people who couldn't decide what they wanted to do when they grew up (I still don't know). Today it's a very different scene and working as a freelancer or founding a startup and raising funds are all totally legitimate ways to spend your professional working time.

To that end it is not an uncommon sight to walk into any number of coffee shops, members clubs or co-working spaces and see 95% of the people in there on macbook pros tapping away and I always wonder to myself....

'what do all these people do?!' then quickly followed by....

'I wonder if they could help me with my startup?' followed by....

'Would it be weird if i just went and asked them all?'

I decided it was weird so I built an app that does it for me instead.

Ginger is a proximity based networking tool that allows you to create a working profile, see who is nearby, set up posts looking for people with specific skills (for example, a CEO looking for a Growth Hacker, a programmer looking for a designer) and also a neat little instant message feature to get the conversation going and hopefully get these startups built!

The app is built for both iOS and Android and has active users but really this is just the start of growing that user base in London and then looking beyond to other cities where tech meets freelance and creative...

I am looking for anyone skilled in almost any department who thinks they can add value to this idea and help me drive it to being the app of choice for networking in the startup, freelance and gig economy.

Let's meet up and chat!

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January 2006 - Today

Involved with startups for the last 15 years. Founded over a dozen businesses, several of which have raised finance, been sold or are still going. A good few failures too, which has been no bad thing either. I am a highly effective business developer and product manager employing 100 staff across offices in London, Birmingham, Edinburgh and Delhi for my two main current businesses: These are both environmental companies that combine our in-house software with professional services, looking after recycling, waste management and more at some of the worlds largest businesses. Current customers include Starbucks, Caffe Nero, Porsche, The Body Shop, Carphone Warehouse and H&M. Other startups I have founded include: Retrade - social selling: ecommerce using the power of your own friend network. POP - women's fashion with curated content and a bricks and mortar retail shop. Smile Cars - electric taxi company in London. Carbon Guerrilla - carbon management monitoring software. YourPowr - software - energy efficiency for corporates. Campus - hardware - building energy management via connected devices. I'm always excited and interested by new ideas and driven by a passion to push things forward. I'm looking for people with a similar drive who could benefit from my time, experience and investment to build something amazing.

Co-working Space

Soho Works

2016 - Today