Philipp Ritter

Business Development

Los Angeles, California, US


Startup Experience

First time founder

About Philipp

I am entrepreneur who wants to change the way we perceive online interactions with strangers through a radical new approach to social networking. By taking the best of what cam sites that connect you to random users offer and combining it with a social platform that allows users to add/block/report chat partners, we created a comfortable way to explore, learn and befriend people from different cultures & countries. Our mission is to completely change the stigma of befriending strangers online by fostering cross-cultural connections based on shared interests and conversation topics. Essentially the next step in the evolution of mass online interaction; face-to-face video chat will take it's place in social media thanks to the rising popularity of video sharing sites/apps, rise of video chatrooms, increased access to higher bandwidth rates, increased mobile device capabilities, as well as the overall trend to be less anonymous online.

We have a solid business plan with clear value proposition, revenue model, and are in development of the prototype. We are looking for a talented and skilled technical developer to join our team as our 3rd co-founder and together we can create a web platform that will be the next cornerstone in the social networking industry. What we are looking for is a tough minded, talented, savvy technical co-founder that is willing to focus on helping us complete our build to create the world's most amazing human experience discovery tool.

Product Management

CAL POLY, Pomona

Bachelor in Marketing

2014 - 2014