Phouphet Bounsana

Wichita, Kansas, US

Entrepreneur | Father | Motivational Speaker
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The graveyard is the richest place on earth, because it is here that you will find all the hopes and dreams that were never fulfilled, the books that were never written, the songs that were never sung, the inventions that were never shared, the cures that were never discovered, all because someone was too afraid to take that first step, keep with the problem, or determined to carry out their dream. - Les Brown

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October 2016 - Today

We help entrepreneurs prepare for the funding stage by evaluating the business. We emulate methods that Angels and VC use to determine if a company is worth investing in. We thoroughly evaluate the company to determine any risk in the company that would jeopardize any funding possibility by offering solutions within our services to help increase the possibility of funding as well as preparing entrepreneurs with presenting with confidence in front of crowds and investors.