Pierce Buxton

San Francisco, California, US

Pierce's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Pierce

I am a General Manager type person with 15+ years in software sales, business development and entrepreneurship. I've started 4 companies and been an early-ish employee of 3 successful SaaS startups. I've also been a Brand Manager, a Finance Manager, an Operations Manager, Investor, and even done some programming. My focus is in mobile applications, software as a service, big data, and ecommerce, but open to other areas as well.

I'm currently looking for a technical co-founder or advisor for the uVite mobile app (described below), but also open to discussing being a business advisor or co-founder for someone else's great new product or idea.

My ideal technical co-founder or advisor, would be a wicked smart, people-oriented person who has strong entrepreneurial drive and passion combined with an excellent ability to quickly understand and deliver all things technical. For example, this person should have the proven ability to "see the future" and understand what programming languages and architecture will be best for the business. They don't necessarily need to write code, but should know good code from bad, and be able to quickly troubleshoot any issues that come up. A big plus would be someone with product management experience who can drive the product development and management while I focus on getting customers, rapid growth and market presence. Someone who is low stress, low drama, and great sense of humor is also key. Not asking too much, am I? :)

uVite is a new mobile application (iOS, Android and Web) for people to easily organize sports and other group activities with their friends. There's a ton of functionality, but the key feature is that you can set your invitation to expire if you don't get enough people by a certain date. Think Snapchat meets Group Text invites. The MVP is live on the app stores, and currently going through user testing to deliver the next iteration. I've been running this myself with a virtual team of about 10 freelancers (developers, designers, engineers) and looking for a technical co-founder who can help us get to the next stage of product refinement, traction and fundraising.

If you're interested and qualified, please feel free to reach out!