Pierre-Antoine Pinel

Paris, France

Software Engineer at Expensify
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About Pierre-Antoine

I am the current CTO for a Paris based startup. We develop a CRM and internal management solution project called Ekkotime based on the Framework Symfony2. Although companies have specific needs, they also have common needs such as Ticket management, Quotation, Client, Prospect, Invoice, etc. where each functionality can be translated in a generic and common way. From the generic bundle we add the client's specifics features.

My experience is around mostly working on PHP. I developed a REST API and worked with Google APIs, LinkedIn API, Facebook API, and others. I also developed an Android application. In the past I've used C, C++, Java and C# for school projects.

In my time off, I love to learn new things. I further my skills in Ruby, Node.js, and Go because I want to master these languages. It keeps me improving my logic and the way I approach challenges.

I am a quick and enthusiast learner, therefore I am able to rapidly adapt and contribute in a new environment. I like to exchange project ideas, new features or the best way to approach a technical issue with colleagues.

As CTO, I interview candidates and manage the developer team where I guide and develop them. As part of candidate selection, I created a technical test to assist us on selecting the right candidate. Additionally, another part of my duty was to estimate the time needed for projects and to participate client meetings to understand their needs and the solution that best address those needs.

I am not afraid by work, technical challenges or big changes.

Work Experience

Software Engineer


October 2014 - December 2016