Pierrick Ganon

San Francisco, California, US

Pierrick's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Pierrick

CEO/Founder of timeBlend a travel social networking platform that helps people find travel buddies, get travel advice and plan trips. Available in multiple languages we have tested the product and the market and can see good traction. We raised the first round through angel investors.

I am a Web Developer with more than 5 years experience building web application in Asp.net MVC, Javascript, HTML, CSS, SQL Server, and Graph Databases. I managed infrastructure on Windows Azure from Windows to Linux.
I have a good eye for detail and usually likes things to be done the right way even if it takes slightly longer rather than the dirty way to have a better product.

I am looking for an iOS Developer Co-Founder to join me to develop the iOS version of timeBlend. I have big plans for it and we could really develop something truly amazing. There are lots of new possibilities when going to mobile that are really exciting. I am looking at someone that he/she's both skilled but also have a passion for travel and beautiful software/apps.

We'll be starting from scratch and integrating with the current API.

The current company is based in Sydney but I am looking at moving to the US really soon.


Murdoch University

Computer Science

2008 - 2008