PJ Bellomo

Frederick, Maryland, US

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Business Development
Product Management

About PJ

Re: my background, I presently work at PropertyRoom.com where I serve as CEO & Board Director; incidentally, I plan to continue in that role while also managing this start-up. Previously, I worked at 3 other start-ups, including 3 yrs as COO at Commerce5, which we sold to Digital River for $45M. I graduated magna cum laude from RPI with BS in Engineering & then continued on & received MS at RPI in STS.

Re: this start-up initiative, 1 yr ago I teamed with a former colleague to pursue my start-up idea. For family reasons, she had to bag. I now seek to build a small team and once again pursue the idea.

Ideally, we'd combine a multi-talented technical person with a similar marketing person. The tech person should bring experience with open source web technologies. The killer skill set would involve that rare combination of database design efficiency and a strong sensitivity to generating code that supports highly functional consumer UI.

As for the marketing person, we need someone sensitive to UI/UX and at the same time capable of content generation and editing. And the content will relate to journalistic and/or historical type information, which means our marketing person needs real writing/editing skills. Here, the ideal candidate probably worked first as some type of writer prior to migrating to internet marketing.