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Los Angeles, California, US

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I have been a CEO of Real Estate Development /Investment company for the past 14 years. Before that, I was a Network Engineer and Sales Engineer (yes High-tech!). For the last several years I focused on the construction of large homes and shopping centers around Bay area. I got tired of the way construction is being done. It is very unorganized, unfair, wistful and frankly sucks. So I left.

We are doing something about this craziness. We are focusing on remodeling with the goal of being the #1 ICR ( Intelligent Construction Road Map) company globally.

Why remodeling? Even though the remodeling market in the US alone is very large ($900 Billion with 130M new homes every year and 2 Million construction workers) most of the homeowners are extremely unhappy. Jobs are being sold and the workers who are actually doing the job are getting 30% to 50% of the job value sometimes less!! The whole industry is stuck in 1970's mentality.

Why now?
1. Every construction worker from junior to a very computer savvy contractor has a mobile phone with him at all times.
2. Recently the machine learning and Data science have reached the point that can be used to create a solution for this industry now.

Social good – Most of the construction workers who are working in the remodeling sector are working very hard and living on minimum wage or a bit more. My friend was/is working 12-hour days lives in a small apartment with 2 kids. He has no way of scaling or growing and no education available to him. This is a $580 billion industry!!!
A large number of homeowners are being taken advantage of.

Solution / Technology - Basically an Artificial Intelligent Contractor and a fair market - not a glorified project management software. By seamlessly connecting homeowners to the right contractors, and providing an intelligent roadmap, reporting, and verification through our mobile app. We will help reduce the time and cost of construction significantly for homeowners and allow the actual workers to take more money home.

Competition – most companies are glorified project management software. ​

Opportunity / Money – remodeling is about 900 Billion dollar industry in the USA alone.

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