PJ Gupta

Menlo Park, California, US

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Product Management

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Founded 1 startup

About PJ

I'm a techie and entrepreneur with a passion for ecommerce and payments. My last startup is www.noca.com - changing the world of payments.
I'm building a marketplace for high-end goods. If you think ebay sucks and you should talk to me. I've raised money, done product design, written code and all the things a startup entails.

Looking for passionate people interested in changing the world of ecommerce. Primarily people with a strong technical bent. My take on successful startup teams is DNA/Chemistry between the founders is as important as the skillset. Skillset can be developed over time. Would be helpful if you write good code - the kind of code other coders use as reference. Strong typing Java based platforms are good or if you're looking for a more "in thing" - Python is something I'm leaning towards.

Tell me a little about yourself. What drives you - what will keep you going. If any of the terms/words go-getter, hungry, extreme with commitment, passion with drive define you, lets talk.


The Ohio State University


2014 - 2014


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