Polina Veselkova

Moscow, Russia

Polina's Skills
Hotel Design
Idea Creation
Russian Translation
Languages- English

About Polina

My name is Polina and I`m currently living in Moscow.
I have an idea to open a hotel, not very expensive one, but the same time cute and cosy.
I travelled myself a lot and spot many positive and negative about hotels I`ve stayed in and now I have my own ideas).
What is very important for me is design, general atmosphere and consideration of small things (what a person might need if he travells etc).
It also might be a hotel + bakery (mini-cafe).
Anyway, I have many ideas and I`m looking for a person who is a specialist (or at least ready to be) at business planning, understand something about financial side of business and who will support my ideas or add new ones)
I`m more than happy to set up in another city or country as I`m ready to move.
I`m fluent in English and Russian, can speak French and Spanish.


Moscow State University of Psychology and Education

psychology, clinical psychology, teacher of psychology

2005 - 2010