Polinom Polynets

Oakville, Canada

Full Stack Web-Developer, Entrepreneur.
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About Polinom

I'm a full stack web-developer and entrepreneur with more than 10 years experience using such languages and frameworks like: python, django, javascript, node, angular, react and many more technologies.

I'm learning a lot about marketing and sales strategies and growth hacking.

Currently, I own and manage a small dev-shop, I pick up on projects from big corporations as well as small companies and build solutions in a very lean and efficient way. I hire and use the help of freelancer from abroad. Years of my technical experience allows me to select smartest people from all over the world that I never regret working with.

I came to realize that I do not enjoy to work on a project alone. I love to work with people and be part of small group of ambitious dudes.

My goal here on cofounderslab is to find a person or a group of people that are willing to become my partners and work on challenging projects together.

I'm willing to invest into a project that I really believe in. I can afford from 3000 $ - 10000 $.

Let's get in touch and discuss your our ideas, and I will tell you what I'm working on as well!


You just can’t beat the person who won’t give up. - Babe Ruth