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POZLY is a retail management system for the rental industry that empowers businesses that rent goods like equipment, clothing and vehicles to manage their rental assets and maximise the ROI on their assets. In a world where autonomous vehicles will enable greater distribution of ownership, POZLY aims to provide tools and a framework upon which businesses can better serve their customers. Through apps and powerful reporting and analytics, POZLY creates value for rental businesses that they have been unable to attain before.

The Problem

The majority of rental businesses use analog systems like pen and paper to track assets in and out of inventory. Some businesses may use spreadsheets however none of the data is actionable in real-time and a lot of heavy lifting is required to gain any real insight about the current state of the business. There is existing rental software however it is dated, expensive and doesn’t integrate easily within a business’s SaaS software environment.

Problem Validation

POZLY has worked with rental businesses to develop and validate the problem and solution. With no viable alternative, businesses have spoken of their desperation to find a solution that “just works”, is “easy to use” and gives them “confidence in their business”. Many businesses have expressed their surprise that in a world where there is software for everything, why POZLY is the only company that has got it right in the rental space.

About Me

The best way to success is by working with the very best folks you can find who share the same values and drive to get to a place worth going. I have recently completed a 3 year project, leading a team to build software that supports a $5 Billion dollar disaster recovery effort in Christchurch, New Zealand. I work on big, hard projects and need great people to help shape what success looks like. I'm well networked in Australasia/Middle East - got good connections in the US (500 Startups) and incredibly motivated to grow real business solutions on top of great technology. I drive sales, business devs and partnerships. I won the New Zealand startup pitch competition in 2013 and I am kickass at finding great opportunities. POZLY is my new baby and I'm looking to bring on a number of new technical leads into the team as co-founders.


Canterbury University

Bachelors of Law

2009 - 2009