Prabhsharan Singh

Washington, District of Columbia, US

Prabhsharan's Skills
Product Management

About Prabhsharan

A batting hitting aide equipment helps the batter to understand the strike zone(by moving the net up and down in order to adjust it by player's height) and plus hitting the ball in net. This equipment is used by batter's to ensure that they playing ball as it keeps bouncing towards her/him. This is also multiplayer use equipment(two or more batters can use this equipment altogether)

This specific batting hitting aide can easily be multi-player training equipment. There can be multiple nets used for the batters to practice. It is cheap equipment with a lot of potential in the market. This will help the players to analyze the trajectory of ball when it is thrown. For batters, it will be easier to visualize where the ball is going whether it is in the strike zone or not. The main basis here is that this equipment will give the players a better clue of how to play the ball and adjust the height of striking zone. This training gear will be useful in times when the players are focused on base height level.This baseball hitting aide product is very simple to understand and very cost-effective to make also.

Duties Of Partner(Tentative)

-Sales Work/Marketing
-Talking to retailers, making sales with online/on-site retailers
-Investment Follow-Ups & seeking. May need to travel out of state once in a while
-Be able to advise and brainstorm to more effective sales/revenues.
-Miscellaneous duties including logistics work.
-Other requirements include background checks, permanent residence checks and etc.