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Bengaluru, India

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About Prakash

Prakash is the CEO and Founder of CortexCraft Innovation Labs, an Agile software development company with the focus on Java, Ruby, Javascript, IOS and Android app development. (

CortexCraft has an expertise in the development of web applications on Java, Ruby and Javascript. CortexCraft works on open source tools and technologies for application development.

Prakash is an hands-on coder. He is actively involved in technology and delivery related aspects of CortexCraft.

Prakash is a Java Architect, Solutions Architect and has good experience in web applications development. He has extensive experience in delivering high-quality software in the off-shoring model.

Prakash enjoys working with small and agile teams.

Specialties: Java, Ruby, Agile Software Development, Opensource, Web.


You are Boss for your self, nobody can save you unless you learn to lift yourself, little dedication and then commitment to it is all needed! - Prakash

Work Experience

Software Engineer

Tarento Technologies

September 2011 - December 2014

In Tarento I was responsible for multiple customers projects and their deliveries.

CEO and Founder

CortexCraft Innovation Labs

December 2014 - Today

CortexCraft Innovation Labs – one that would allow entrepreneurs realize their dreams by having technical expertise, inexpensive prototyping, product development and application maintenance all under a single roof. Mission Statement: Provide blooming product owners a rich environment and platform where they can come with an idea and are able to realize it without worrying about technical nitty-gritties. Company Goals and Objectives: We aim to become No. 1 choice for companies looking to develop products and who wish to study the feasibility of their idea with application prototyping and later product development. At the same time CortexCraft aims to have a healthy, successful company that is a leader in professional services and that has a loyal customer following. Business Philosophy: We put our customers and their dreams first! Their success is our success. We let the thinkers do the thinking and apply our technical expertise and product development skills to first develop a prototype to they may assess the feasibility of their idea and eventually develop the who idea as a product that they own and we develop and maintain for them. We are specialised in building solutions using Java, RoR, Javascript Frameworks(React Js, Angular Js etc..) and Mobile Application (IOS and Android) Development.


BTL Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Engineering

2007 - 2011