About Pranoy

Working in a startup feels like an adventure for me.My experience with three of India's growing startups have made me realize how startups are a great paltform to acquire experience and to learn while doing real work in a dynamic environment.According to me in a large company ,with so many employess, it is impossible to have an impact on the business, unless you're in the upper echelon of the executive team.
With limited people and many things that need to be done, a startup is a the ultimate venue for failure, and therefore, learning.
At a startup, no one has the answer. The only way to find an answer is to try new things and adapt based on the results. Startup employees are battle-tested. Each day is a volatile string of highs and lows, with a heavy emphasis on the latter. Stuff breaks. Things go wrong. With that kind of experience, these people are more able to deal with the ebbs and flows of any business.


IIT Kharagpur

Biotechnology engineering

2017 - 2017