Prasad Raghavendra

Bengaluru, India

Prasad's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Prasad

A student of Electronics and Communication, M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology (currently). (I am) looking for cofounder for a product which is being built as a part of college project. But, it is also ok to be joining on-board or on contract in other start-ups (provided that the work is impactful). It will be great if we know each other and such people are highly preferred. (A better preference is in people who have worked with me on projects or have studied with me.)

(But my college is about to finish in around 9 months from now. So, full-time works can be started then. For now, working in the afternoons and evenings are really great!)

The most important part- Thanks for your time and consideration!

[Extra details: My phone number is 9986713590. Also, it is fine enough for me to be having very little equity in the beginning stages (provided the marketing is taken care of and 'survival amount' is 'assured' for me after break-even stage).]


M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Engineering

2016 - 2016