Pratik Gaglani

Mumbai, India

Entrepreneur, Technology Consultant, Mentor,
Pratik's Skills
Business Development
Product Management
Public Relations
User Experience

About Pratik

I am currently Partner at Dilip Industries a leading company in manufacturing of Printing Ink. I look after day to day management affairs of the firm, come up with innovative short term and long term strategies to realise the goals and accomplish them effectively. Manage, direct and plan the administrative and financial decisions. I supervise the financial activities and take strategic decisions to anticipate the expenses, source of funds and application of funds which includes capital acquisition, reducing liabilities, invest in innovative ideas. Apart form taking management and financial decisions I actively strive to build effective management team and lead the team with integrity, enthusiasm, dedication and commitment. Recently I have also started to look into marketing strategies to improve the sakes and revenue of the firm.

Having also worked in software industries and accomplishing several project I have always found software technology very fascinating and interesting. I try to keep myself updated with the latest technology being used in the industry. In order to drive my interest further I undertake several projects from clients to consult or develop product based on their requirement.

I like to mentor young generation kids to motivate them to enter into the field of science and technology. I guide and help them with the best available opportunity they can leverage in order to achieve their goals.

I am actively looking forward to start a startup. I am currently seeking innovative, enthusiastic, dedicated and passionate individuals who have similar interest to form a team and contribute to the make world a better place by delivering product that can solve issues faced in life of people. I always keep thinking of new innovative ideas that can make world a better place to live. If you feel you have a great idea and looking for someone who can work with you with equal passion feel free to reach out to me.