Praveen Shanbhag


San Francisco, California, US

Founder,; Instructor, Stanford University
Praveen's Skills
Product Management

About Praveen

I was a philosopher. But in a little less than a year, I learned to code and built an MVP for NameCoach (now patent-pending through Cooley, LLP), pulled together a cross-functional team of interns to help further develop the project, and got a number of schools very excited by the initial release.

Following that, I was able to recruit talented equity-holding teammates who are now dedicated to the cause and have helped grow our institutional subscriber base to 240+ institutions. We've now developed a much broader, more ambitious vision for NameCoach, which we're excited to realize.

My background runs the gamut: science, humanities, policy, and business (consulting) - and reflects a holistic, synthetic, but no-bs approach to understanding the world and creating positive and meaningful change. I bring vision, drive, leadership, analytical skills, coding skills, and a knack for generating unique concepts (like the one behind NameCoach), and appreciating them in others.

Aside from starting NameCoach, a key recent accomplishment was finishing my PhD in Philosophy just in time to hood my little sister at her med school graduation - where, incidentally, NameCoach was used to get the names right (see shots of her graduation in this unpublished version of our promotional video: :-)

Work Experience


NameCoach Inc.

July 2013 - December 2016