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Our expertise is in essential fats, fatty acids essential to life like omega-3, omega-6, trans. I invented technology to measure them accurately. I proposed that Americans have deficiencies and imbalances of w3, w6, trans. They are a major factor in health and disease. I created a healthier food pyramid, guidelines to improve wellbeing, live longer. I published in peer reviewed journals; wrote one book, was featured in Time, The NYtimes, many newsmedia. Explained why trans fats are associated with cardiovascular disease, how w3s prevent it.
Want to establish laboratory to measure fats, to provide better information about wellness, longevity (I found many errors in frequent recommendations). Did pilot testing on lab design, insurance billing, diagnosis, treatment.
Want to create new procedures for wellness, different from those currently used in the US. I have unique data from Framingham Heart Study, other trials, proprietary data that identify major factors that contribute or prevent cardiovascular diseases, developmental delays, lower IQ with age.
Need $ (millions) to buy lab equipment, build web sites, market to doctors, bill payors, educate patients, write patents in US, abroad. Want to build apps, web sites, etc.
Also starting a digital media company to publish books/ articles about health care, wellness, nutrition, optimal policies for government operations, rules, etc. (with focus on health care). I created math models of the US health care system, analyzed HMOs, know how to calculate risks, cost of insurance programs, how to improve efficiency, effectiveness of health care programs. May also develop apps to assist people to better identify risk factors (different from those commonly used in other apps). I have unique, proprietary risk factors. Build two sets of web sites: one with information x public education; another with info x specific conditions. Focus on hyperlipidemia, Crohn’s disease, children’s development. Focus on nutrition. Ex: app x patients with Crohn’s disease (complex condition, difficult to monitor, keep track of diet, drugs, health status, etc.). App x patients with abnormal lipids, pregnant women. See (not yet functional),,