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Preston Thomas

Business Developer

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US


About Preston

I'm currently at Wharton getting my MBA. Here are some relevant experiences / personal details:

- Helped start a door-to-door sales company during undergrad that marketed satellite systems (Dish Network / DirecTV). Personally ranked in top 1% of satellite sales for 2005 and 2006
- BS in Accounting from BYU
- Worked two years on Wall Street - mergers and acquisitions in the technology, media and telecommunications industry for Credit Suisse
- Worked for two years in private equity / venture capital - sourced, negotiated and executed private investments. Performed comprehensive financial, operational, market and industry due diligence

- I have 3 separate ideas at various stages of validation. I am looking for people to help take these ideas to the next level, especially on the tech / engineering front.