Prince Patel

Atlanta, Georgia, US

Small Business Owner looking for a technical co-founder.
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About Prince Patel

I am a small business owner. I have experience in retail industry for over 11 years. I have a business idea which will help small independent store owners. I need a full stack developer to help me launch iPhone app. I spoke with many store owners and showed them screenshots of what my app would look like and most of them loved the idea and wanted to download the app. There is a big demand for my idea in a niche market which most companies have over looked. No one currently is proving this service. I am very familiar with the industry in which I want to make the app.

I have a business plan and very good strategy how we can start monetizing. I need a technical partner who will invest only their sweat equity. I can offer very small pay or percentage of the equity.

I am not a random 16 year old who can up with a random idea. My idea came because of demand and I have extensive experience in the industry. I can run this new business with great insights.

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Small Business Owners are our economy's backbone. - Me

Work Experience

Senior Operations Manager

Prince Company LLC

November 2015 - Today

I am the head analyst for planning, execution, strategy, and marketing of this retail supply store in the Greater South Georgia Area. I accurately analyze sales data using Quickbooks POS of over 6000 inventory items. Additionally I monitor site performance and sales, and manage all online operations (on Ebay and Facebook) and marketing. I analyze customer satisfaction and key-user metrics to identify new trends and determine the pricing of new products. In this job I have to be a critical thinker when analyzing sales, what products to offer, and to monitor our competitors. I also pay meticulous attention to detail when comparing the purchasing budgets of vendors, and the sales data to track the performance of our products.

Business Development Operations Manager

Prince Company LLC

February 2015 - November 2015

In this role, I provided full-cycle consultation for carrying out the market research and development of this small retail start-up. After conducting a detailed 3-month, 12 citywide research survey for our customer base and target audience, I identified the perfect location. I had to collaborate with partners, vendors, and customers for each stage of the process: location, renovation, and the development. In total I invested over 90,000 USD in inventory and supplies from 8 selected vendors. I helped in every role of the business development, always ensuring quality control and accuracy to detail. With 10 months of hard work, I was able to turn my ambition into a reality: the launch of a successful retail supply store.

Money Services Manager

Dola Krupa LLC

November 2013 - October 2014

In this role, I had to be quick thinking and use logical and mathematical reasoning daily. In doing so, I invented a new automation algorithm system to calculate the daily deposit. This algorithm led to increased worker productivity by 20 min/day and the increased accuracy of sales reports for the business owner. I also was an effective multitasker, both head of financial transactions and for providing customer support.


Moultrie Technical College

Associate's degree (A.A.S) Business Management and Marketing

2007 - 2009

Schiller International University

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) International Business

2013 - 2014