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Startup Experience

First time founder

About Edward D.

I am a business developer at heart and a engineer on paper. In the past I have successfully managed multiple teams of four to seven people to complete projects in a timely fashion. I have worked two engineering internships dealing with management, coding, product development, and CAD. Currently I am working with a team in an accelerator program to develop the first shipment tracking application to automate and simplify all tracking actions to just one click while featuring adaptive technology to any carrier or vendor. Users can view multiple shipments, contents, current location, receipt, and more. We have just launched our alpha version, but there is still a lot of tasks that need to be completed and our lead developer is becoming overwhelmed. The three major areas we are looking for help in are:

Front End Developer: CSS, JavaScript, HTML
Back End Developer: Php, HTML, Ruby
Design: Photoshop, Illustrator, CSS, HTML

We are looking for either an intern or full time position in each of the fields. If you have experience in more than one of the areas listed above then that is a plus. The company is in its early stages so we can provide compensation via equity and stock options. Also, there is a large number of business development tasks that need to be completed so if you are interested in BD or know someone who would like to be a part of a start up then please let us know. If you are interested in any of the positions you can reach me at

Thank You

Product Management
Managing People

Penn State University

Mechanical & Nuclear Engineering

2013 - 2013