Priya Jhingan

Oakland, California, US

Priya's Skills
Product Management
Business Development

About Priya

Hello! I'm Priya, and I absolutely love building products and teams from the ground up. I graduated from Stanford in 2006 with a B.S. in Product Design and Minor in Math. After Stanford, I joined a medical device startup as a design engineer because I wanted to use my skills to build impactful products. Soon, I was brought on as Employe #1 at a venture-backed startup, where I became Head of Operations, built the team from scratch, and scaled the product from prototype to commercialization, shipping 3k devices/month.

Building my own startup was always the ultimate challenge for me, and a lot of my ideas were in the software space, so I quit my job in 2013. I taught myself Rails and experimented a bit. To accelerate my learning in the consumer internet/mobile space, I became Director of Product at JustFab and then at a startup called NearMe. At the same time, I was doing a lot of showcases and paid performances as a hip hop dancer (a serious passion of mine), and I started exploring ideas in the creative space, which eventually led to what I'm currently working on.

I'm building a platform for people to track and share their creative projects. The product makes it easy to share not only the finished project, but also the creative process, context, and story around how it came to life. This heightens creativity and motivation, encourages forward momentum, facilitates sharing of process for education purposes, and celebrates the creative journey. The latest prototype has garnered a lot of validation from individual creatives as well as interest from businesses to use as a paid internal tool (to track internal projects, share milestones with an external audience, and share insights on process for training and recruitment purposes). I have a small team, and we're quickly learning that sharing context and progression is a huge trend in the creative industry, even for companies like Adobe and Adidas who regularly recruit creatives.

Our vision is to unlock the world's creative potential by bringing 1 billion projects to life, and I'm looking for a smart, gritty, determined CTO co-founder to do this with! I'm pretty chill, but determined to succeed at the same time, and my ideal co-founder would be fun to work with, would challenge me to work better/smarter/faster, and be into creative stuff. No dancing experience required. :)


Stanford Engineering

M.S., Mechanical Engineering - Product Design

2006 - 2006