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Gautham Thyagarajan

Programmer, Product Manager

San Francisco, California, US


Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

Age Group


About Gautham

== ABOUT ME ==

I quit a well paying software engineering job at a large corporation during mid-to-late 2014 to get a taste of the startup lifestyle. I have since worked for super early stage startups, done freelance and consulting work for small-ish companies as well as gone through a few failed startups of my own.

Through most of 2016, I was on a 7-month backpacking trip through India (mostly in/around the Himalayas) and I've since been on a backpacking Digital Nomad mode.

Professionally, I specialize in writing over-engineered web-facing backends and Go is my current preferred programming language. I can also manage and setup tech teams, work on product design and strategy as well as do business development if it is an industry I understand.

I'm currently based out of India but for my next venture, I hope to relocate to the valley. Since CoFoundersLab has a location filter, I've listed my location as San Francisco. Apologies if I misled you!

== What I look for in a CoFounder ==

While I'm primarily a techie, I value domain expertise highly and tend to invest a lot of time in understanding a business before writing the first line of code. This is the most important aspect that I look for in a CoFounder. I expect them to be thorough, methodical, workmanlike and willing to back their decisions up with research and data.

I'm also particular about working with a clear path towards profitability in mind. If your approach is to get as many users as possible and then "figure something out", there is a good chance I'm probably not so interested in what you are doing.

I fully support NGOs, non-profits, etc but I am currently incapable of investing either time or money into an endeavor along those lines.

If everything else was equal, my preferred cofounder would be a designer who can also write frontend code who's as passionate about the product (and its ecosystem) as I am because between us, we'd have the complete skillset to build a prototype and scale it while being equally invested in the idea.

== Professional Summary ==

Please take a look at my LinkedIn profile (that is continuously updated) which you can also use to contact me if you aren't a member of CoFoundersLab.

== Social Media ==

* I'm on Twitter:

* I also have a very not-up-to-date website built on Google's -


The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success - Elliot Carver, Tomorrow Never Dies