Randar Puust , Founder


Toronto, Canada

Randar is looking to join a startup

Randar is looking to join a startup

Can commit to working

1 hours per week

Is able to invest

Sweat equity only

Relevant industries

Ecommerce Technology


Managing People
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Randar

Shipping product and getting teams to work at peak efficiency are my passions. I’m a firm believer in Agile methodologies, proper engineering practices with a focus on Software as a Service (SaaS). Most of my career has been building software products for vertical markets, often from the ground up. My extensive knowledge of technology as well as my passion and ability to learn quickly will add value to any startup. I've built a number of products and managed a broad range of teams including development, architecture, QA, DevOps, Tech Writing and UX. So I can bring a lot to the table.

I'm looking for a business focused entrepreneur with an idea they want to bring to market. My goal is to be the technical co-founder for a company with a great business model, with long term potential. Ideally, it would be a software product that works in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model as I believe this is one of the best ways to deliver software.

I’m really looking for something that could become a unicorn or centaur. I am currently working at a startup, but would be able to do some part time sweat equity for the right opportunity. The goal for me is for this to become a full time role once some seed money has been acquired. If you think you have the right idea and want to pitch me your idea:

• You need to show me there is a market or you can beat your competitors. In our first conversation, I will scrutinize your idea heavily. It doesn’t mean I don’t like it, but I’ve heard a lot of pitches that can barely address simple challenges with the market
• If your idea is B2C or mobile, I may not be the right fit for you. My background is almost all SaaS/B2B/Enterprise
• I’ve got a preference for local co-founders. Starting a company is hard and I think you have to be able to meet face to face to work through ideas and problems.


University of Waterloo

Computer Science

- 1999