Przemyslaw Urban

Kraków, Poland

Open minded professional fascinated about start-up
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Product Management
Business Development
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About Przemyslaw

I am open minded professional with a high interest in marketing, design, finance and culture of start-up. Fascinated about global economy and start-up ideas which actually can help people to resolve their problems. Possess strong organizational and coordination skills along with multi-tasking capabilities to get things done.

I am looking for technical co-founder for my startup idea, passionate about agile approach and get things done. Currently I am working on platform which allows creating custom product packing online for e commerce industry.

Designing and purchasing custom packaging is an industry that has been left behind by technology. The design and purchasing process can take 1-2 months of phone calls with manufacturers and faxing specs back and forth. Shipbox is bringing the industry into the 21st century by standardizing the design and manufacturing process. Customers can design their packaging in minutes, and Shipbox automatically forwards the order to the best manufacturer in their network for that kind of packaging. Companies no longer need to deal with long negotiations with manufacturers or have in house packaging expertise.

Using online editor, customers can fully customize and brand their own retail packing and shipping boxes in minutes. All they need to do is upload their artwork, choose from a variety of vetted packing options that meet their needs, and then purchase the quantity they want.

Let me know if you are interested :)