Quentin LOZACH

Lille, France

Full Stack Web Developer - Entrepreneur - Looking for a UX / UI Cofounder
Quentin's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Quentin

Hello there, I'm Quentin, a French junior computing engineer of 25 years old. I'm capable of handling a project on both project management / team management, but also technical aspects. I'm actually working with Daan, a Dutch professional of 33 years old working in Marketing / Sales / Business Development on a new brand concept.

We are looking for a third person to join the team and help us to visualize our actual workflow by making our product real on the design aspect : a UX / UI cofounder.

The team is composed of :
- CTO : Full stack developer
- CEO : Marketing / Product development / Strategy part
- Mobile developer
- Two web developers
- UX person who can help us with mockups

We are looking for someone :
- Which can commit at least 10 hours a week on a project
- With a fluent English
- Not worried about working with people from different countries
- Passionated in his work
- Serious but funny at the same time.

If you believe that creating your own work, is better in your life than working for someone else, then you are the right person.