Quincey Morris

Boulder, Colorado, US

Quincey Morris's Skills
Product Management

About Quincey Morris

I've been a professional software developer for nearly 20 years and have been writing code and tinkering with things since I can remember. For many years now I've been running my own software development business, giving professional talks, and teaching for-profit courses of my own design.

Although I'm terrible at marketing and sales, I'm fully capable of executing a business plan and dealing with all the internal business needs including accounting, product development, technology, etc.

It's important to me to mention that I'm not motivated by money. I'm much more interested in time. I'm a hard worker and I'm self-motivated but I value time over money and the goal I'm working towards is opening more time in my life at the possible expense of income.

I'm looking for an adviser or business partner that respects my goals and is possibly looking for the same things. I have several business ideas that we could explore but I'm also open to executing an idea from someone else.