Quincy Savage

Los Angeles, California, US

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Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Quincy

I'm the guy that will do whatever it takes if it is within my skill set. Will definitely kick doors down for product exposure. I am looking for someone who with excellent work ethic, responsive, and extremely analytical. Preferably, someone with vast amounts of mobile experience and well versed in geo-location tech. UX/UI experience would be a plus but if need be I can outsource. Preferably someone local for face to face think-tanking and because I would like to use Los Angeles as the test market for the concept. You have to be a straight shooter!

As for me, I originally didn't start or have aspirations to dive into the tech space but being a former Stanford student recently removed from Silicon Valley, well, it's been calling me. In regards to getting funded, well, to put it modestly, I can make a few phone calls to at least get us a look.


Stanford University


1997 - 1997


NewMe Accelerator