Quintavious Spence

Atlanta, Georgia, US

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Business Development
Product Management

About Quintavious


My name is Quintavious Spence and I am the CEO of Sknnt here in Atlanta, Georgia. I am currently working on a venture that creates a marketplace for individual users to monetize their social media experience and accounts. Fintech is an emerging market, that is already competing with some of the largest financial institutions in our country, but most Fintech firms seem content with only competing with the banks. The goal of this company is not only to compete with financial institutions, but with financial markets as well. Markets are supposed to be based on informed consumers making rational choices. This is the cornerstone of our platform and we believe with this we can compete with any competitor for the consumers of the present and future. We have a lot of concepts and ideas already mapped out and feel our product can change the marketplace when it comes to C2C and C2B investing by combining social media and aspects of the financial industry. Going forward the digital landscape will only continue to grow and social media will play a huge part in that, especially for Millennials. This is the largest generation in history that grew up with social media, along with the Great Recession of 2008, they typically don't trust large financial institutions, such as Banks and Wall Street. Our product intends to create a secondary market for them to treat themselves as essentially businesses, while allowing them to trade on the products they provide and the assets they have. This will be their very own Social Media Stock Exchange. From YouTube to Instagram the individual stars of these platforms are already being treated like a business and profiting like one as well. Our platform will allow every user to monetize themselves and profit like a business not just the stars of these media platforms. If you're interested or at least intrigued, I would encouraged you to email me at spence.quintavious@yahoo.com, so we can discuss the venture further in detail.

Work Experience


Step Up In Georgia

June 2013 - August 2015

Step Up In Ga is a non-profit organization in Atlanta, Ga that provides opportunities to underserved communities in the Atlanta area and surrounding communities. While employed there I helped the organization become more efficient, mobile, and use their resources to become more connected to the communities they serve.


Georgia State University

Business Adminstration

2013 - 2015